DarNaturals is a DIY, Eco-friendly, zero-waste and minimalist inspired company, focused on collecting and curating simple yet effective natural and organic recipes and ingredients for beauty and personal care.  

More about DarNaturals

DarNaturals was born in 2011, when I started using raw shea butter and natural oils to create and customize products for my natural hair and skin care. It soon grew into collecting, curating, creating, and selling  2000+ natural and organic hair and skin care ingredients on my Etsy shop.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to to change the way people think about beauty products. We do not need hundreds of  synthetic ingredients to make an effective personal care product. Creating an effective personalized product can be simple and stress free. With DarNaturals, you the consumer are in control of what goes in to the personal care products you use on a daily basis. 

Our Ingredients

When you shop with DarNaturals,  you can be rest assured that we only use pure natural and organic ingredients, from trusted suppliers around the world.


We refuse unnecessary/excessive plastic and reduce the amount of necessary plastic in our product packaging.

We  provide, and package with reusable and repurposable glass and metal containers.

We utilize a combination of recycled and recyclable packaging.